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Unboxing a 27” Wacom

Original post form old blog: Apr 10, 2015 8:25 PM That’s right! After a long couple of years dreaming and saving up some cash (tax return), I bought myself a shiny new Wacom Cintiq drawing screen, 27” of HD goodness. Though I am aware it will not make me a better artist, I do need it…

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Making Basic Comic Panels using Illustrator’s Direct Selection Tool

I took an online design course a couple years back and was asked to create one new piece of SOMETHING every single day for one month. For one of the projects, I created blank comic panel ideas for my pages. By using the Direct Selection Tool in Adobe Illustrator, I am able to double-tap the bounding box circles…

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Inspiration: Latino USA – A Cartoon History

Original Post from old blog: Aug 19, 2013 6:00 AM For about ten years I have had Latino USA: A Cartoon History on my bookshelf in the back of my classroom. I think that it is difficult for anyone in the genre of non-fiction and graphic/comics to give a title to the genre, but I think it safely…

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21 Ways to Use Comics in the Classroom

I stumbled onto this website about how to incorporate illustration/comics into your classroom.  Of course they are using the site to promote their product, but nevertheless, it was a great list and you can tailor it to your needs I would imagine. 21 WAYS TO USE MAKEBELIEFSCOMIX.COM IN THE CLASSROOM By Bill Zimmerman, Creator, 1. CREATE…

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Sketchnote Formats

I recently read Mike Rohde’s, The Sketchnote Handbook and his Sketchnote Workbook. I’m always looking for ways to inspire my creativity and also tune-up my workflow. Since I am a logistics person, I really appreciated his pages dedicated to design layout with consideration for the reader. Since I am creating a textbook, it only makes sense…

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