Making Basic Comic Panels using Illustrator’s Direct Selection Tool

I took an online design course a couple years back and was asked to create one new piece of SOMETHING every single day for one month. For one of the projects, I created blank comic panel ideas for my pages.


By using the Direct Selection Tool in Adobe Illustrator, I am able to double-tap the bounding box circles and drag them to make quirky shapes.

Direct Selection Tool


*I am using a page bleed of .25” but I have my heart set on no bleed at all. Cost will probably end up dictating that. However, I want my text to primarily be read on the iPad, so I wonder if a bleed is even necessary.

I find myself creating the panels as I go and often getting into a design rut-two rectangles here…another two rectangles there…

I need to force myself to make more dynamic panel flow.

If you would like to download of the panels, I have them available in .AI and .PDF format.



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