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Making Basic Comic Panels using Illustrator’s Direct Selection Tool

I took an online design course a couple years back and was asked to create one new piece of SOMETHING every single day for one month. For one of the projects, I created blank comic panel ideas for my pages. By using the Direct Selection Tool in Adobe Illustrator, I am able to double-tap the bounding box circles…

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How to Organize Your Content in Your Textbook

So far in my process, I would say that the most important step is organizing the curriculum’s content where I want it to go. Although this process might be a bit different for other subject areas, for my human geography text, I am organizing the material thematically. There are a few other ways that I…

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How to Upload Any Filetype to WordPress

Have you tried to upload a file to your WordPress website only to encounter an error reading, “Sorry, this filetype is not permitted for security reasons?” If yes, then you ran into the same problem that I recently had when trying to upload an .AI (Adobe Illustrator) file. WordPress prevents some of the unpopular file types for…

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Creating Text Boxes for your comic Illustrations Using Adobe Illustrator

Since my illustrated text is being created in Adobe Illustrator in “comic” format, I am going to be using text and thought bubbles a lot.  There are some pretty easy tutorials on Youtube that helped me out and I thought that I would write a post that showed my process to make one.  Once I…

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