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21 Ways to Use Comics in the Classroom

I stumbled onto this website about how to incorporate illustration/comics into your classroom.  Of course they are using the site to promote their product, but nevertheless, it was a great list and you can tailor it to your needs I would imagine. 21 WAYS TO USE MAKEBELIEFSCOMIX.COM IN THE CLASSROOM By Bill Zimmerman, Creator, 1. CREATE…

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Inspiration: Reading With Pictures

Kickstarter is this amazing website that allows people to pitch in and help fund grassroots artists, businesses, and projects that might otherwise have a tough time getting sponsors.  While I was sifting one day on their site, I came across Reading with Pictures, a not-for-profit that is looking to get comics into the hands of school…

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Creating Text Boxes for your comic Illustrations Using Adobe Illustrator

Since my illustrated text is being created in Adobe Illustrator in “comic” format, I am going to be using text and thought bubbles a lot.  There are some pretty easy tutorials on Youtube that helped me out and I thought that I would write a post that showed my process to make one.  Once I…

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