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Illustrated Urban Planning Manual, Summer 2017

Graphic novels are taking off everywhere! In it’s latest form, Gabriel Lyon of Chicago’s Architecture Foundation is running a successful Kickstarter campaign to provide graphic novels that teach Chicago Public School students about urban planning. The book is titled, No Small Plans, and highlights the lives of three youth individuals during three separate times periods in the…

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Inspiration: Latino USA – A Cartoon History

Original Post from old blog: Aug 19, 2013 6:00 AM For about ten years I have had Latino USA: A Cartoon History on my bookshelf in the back of my classroom. I think that it is difficult for anyone in the genre of non-fiction and graphic/comics to give a title to the genre, but I think it safely…

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Inspiration: Graphic Medicine

This is an interesting academic application of illustrated material that I stumbled across while searching for a good comic podcast. From what I gather, the field includes illustrations for medical and health explanations; including the dark, gory, and informative. via Inspiration: Graphic Medicine | Exploring the interaction between the medium of comics and the discourse of…

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21 Ways to Use Comics in the Classroom

I stumbled onto this website about how to incorporate illustration/comics into your classroom.  Of course they are using the site to promote their product, but nevertheless, it was a great list and you can tailor it to your needs I would imagine. 21 WAYS TO USE MAKEBELIEFSCOMIX.COM IN THE CLASSROOM By Bill Zimmerman, Creator, 1. CREATE…

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Inspiration: Reading With Pictures

Kickstarter is this amazing website that allows people to pitch in and help fund grassroots artists, businesses, and projects that might otherwise have a tough time getting sponsors.  While I was sifting one day on their site, I came across Reading with Pictures, a not-for-profit that is looking to get comics into the hands of school…

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Inspiration: Nick Sousanis

The best place to get inspired is to see who is the best in the business.   I am inspired by the possibilities of writing a textbook for my students in illustrated format. Daunting, I know.  But what better type of textbook to write one for than a geography course? My husband has two art degrees…

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