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Illustrated Urban Planning Manual, Summer 2017

Graphic novels are taking off everywhere! In it’s latest form, Gabriel Lyon of Chicago’s Architecture Foundation is running a successful Kickstarter campaign to provide graphic novels that teach Chicago Public School students about urban planning. The book is titled, No Small Plans, and highlights the lives of three youth individuals during three separate times periods in the…

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A Rabbi, an Imam, and a Pastor all Walk into a Juice Bar

Original Post date on old WordPress site: Jul 31, 2013 10:32 PM Words can not even begin to describe how difficult this past unit has been to write. This unit consists of language and religion components. The language section flew by and then I began to teach three weeks of summer school which really put a…

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One Tough Chapter to Write: Revising Revisionism for Revisionists

My unit on political geography is proving to be more difficult to write than I thought. I was hoping to finish it earlier this week, but double checking my facts on history have slowed me up.  I am doing my absolute best to make sure that any time I reference history, I am very careful…

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Student Created eBooks: Good Idea or Lazy Ploy?

Yes, I have dabbled with creation tools and having students curate their own content.  I love the idea of having students create a culminating work that they can be proud of.  The logistics around it however are a bit daunting–and I’m not going to lie, anyone who says, “have a student create their own ebook!”,…

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