Sketchnote Formats

I recently read Mike Rohde’s, The Sketchnote Handbook and his Sketchnote Workbook. I’m always looking for ways to inspire my creativity and also tune-up my workflow. Since I am a logistics person, I really appreciated his pages dedicated to design layout with consideration for the reader. Since I am creating a textbook, it only makes sense that my students should be able to follow along fairly effortless. Design is important, especially when working with comic illustrations. In my opinion, the difference between a good book and a great book is how the information is presented across the pages. I want my information to be easy to read yet force my readers to interact with the pages to make connections between words and images.

Sketchnote Formats

Teachers call them graphic organizers. Mike Rohde’s concepts are nothing new, if anything they are the same old graphic organizers we were all taught in teacher school plus added doodles and icons-which I have to admit, have me smitten. So I compiled a visual list of graphic organizer workflows that I can see happen in my textbook. Some come from the Sketchnote Handbook, others are compiled from my experiences as a teacher and having used them in class. Attached is the PDF if you care to download yourself. I created it in Autodesk Sketchbook.



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