Location: Three Types of Distribution

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Location Types of Distribution

Page #31

About this Page: Talk about a wordy page! It really is something I am working on. I worry too much about filling in negative space than allowing the eye to rest. I hope I don’t have too many pages more that look like this, though am my worst critic. It was difficult to decide how to break this page up. It didn’t justify three separate pages, and yet, fitting it all on a single page was quite difficult. In the end, this is what I came up with.

I think this topic is one of the most important fundamental ideas in all of human geography. Understanding the importance of spatial distribution, it’s fundamentals, and how we can use them as tools are critical to explain the WHY OF WHERE. Everything on this page was illustrated by myself (of course except for my fingerprint characters). Hopefully you are able to notice the accident “bursts” that I use to illustrate pattern and concentration. If you are interested in the location of these statistics to discuss or ponder over further, you can check out the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Center for Statistics and Analysis (PHEW).

You can read about why the state of Wyoming has a larger fatal traffic accident rate per 100,000 residents here. Did you guess that it has to do with their rural roads?

The next page talks about how one state is trying to combat this with a clever trick picked up from the Europeans. Until next time…

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