Location: GPS, GIS, and the Clumping of Things

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Page #30

About this Page: Woo-hoo! I made it to page 30! What an amazingly productive summer it has been. My Mom and husband have been AWESOME. Because of my first institute day anxieties, I woke up at 3:30 and decided to seize the silence of the house to get this one posted. I don’t work as well in the afternoons-my creativity lags and I don’t want to ever resent this hobby.

My illustrator, Dan Harris drew the amazing “American-style” (his words) emergency vehicle and the copper. I don’t know what Welsh emergency vehicles looks like so a quick Google search shows me these…Welsh Ambulance

They all look to be the same style and color so I assume that the ambulance service is most likely a public service in Wales. Me after falling off ladder thinking, “shattered ankle…..hmmm….do I need an ambulance or can I just drive it and save a few thousand dollars?”

I like this page because I got to work with my blank vectored-based maps to isolate Wyoming. No, I’m not just picking on Wyoming here, but I needed a good example of solving a real-world problem using geography and quite frankly, I am bored with overused ones in our traditional textbooks. While researching this, I did find it fascinating that Wyoming actually does have the highest fatalities per 100,000 people than any other state. Can you guess why? It would actually be a good lesson for students in class. Hmm…I might have to make that lesson. Maybe during my meetings today 😉 Anyway, I’ll tell you in the next page when we talk about pattern, density, and concentration.

I have some stock images on this page, I’m sure you can guess which ones 🙂 Attributions below.

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