Yi-Fu Tuan & Sense of Place

Page #50

Yi Fu Tuan Sense of Place

Page #50

About this Page: 

What an amazing joyride this page was to make. Thanks to Dan Harris the illustrator for the lower right hand panel and Ghostbuster reference drop. At first I sketched him, what I thought, was a person popping out of a car’s roof and professing their love for the city. But what Dan saw in my picture was a random person popping out of a manhole cover. I need to be more clear with my sketches. Irregardless, it works. After all, there is no better example of someone who takes care of their city like the Ghostbusters. He also drew me that amazing Yi-Fu Tuan image. I think this amazing cultural geographer is in his 90’s now, but is Professor Emeritus at U-Wisconsin, Madison. Some of his stuff reads like poetry. If you’re a geographer and want to read about how people take care of their space-read Tuan. I wish I had his address so that I could show him the page. I mean, you’ve officially made it when you’re immortalized in a comic, right?

Anyhow, when Dan sent me the bottom panel and the kid kicking the can, I didn’t have a background for the kid-so I tried to match Dan’s style as best I could and made a background fitting for the can-kicker. It turned out WAY better than I had imagined it would. Of course, I have a reference photo that I can credit much of that background to, but I executed it exactly how I wanted. So far, it might be in the running for my most favorite page and fitting that I’ve now officially hit my 50th.


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