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Koppen Climate Map-02

Page #48

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PRAISE BE that this page is finished. Words can’t begin to describe the anguish over the above color map or a black/white version. It was ridiculous. I made a Koppen map from scratch a couple of times but there is only so many variations of color and textures that you are able to accomplish without the map looking totally confusing. Here is the black and white version I made.

Koppen JPG black white

Even between the five color classes, there are still multiple other shades/textures that are necessary. I really wanted to stay away from too many colors in my illustrated textbook but showing off the Koppen map without all of its’ glorious colors is really quite difficult to do. So I bit the bullet and just double checked to make sure the Koppen map I am using is free-use.Koppen free use

I do have master plans at a coloring/workbook for this project, so I will keep the outline work that I did for later use. I used the information page from Wikipedia to assist in the “research” for this page. As long as your information is attached to a decent source in the footnotes, Wikipedia is a very good friend to a geography student. I love Wikipedia. I know some academics hate it, but I think I admire it just for the sake of how it revolutionized the way information is crowd-sourced. I remember the first book I was ever truly interested in was this giant, fat, encylopedia.

Oh my gosh! I just found it on my bookshelves. Aren’t you in for a treat. Here was MY Wikipedia growing up and some of the pages that made the biggest impression were burned into my memory.

Random House Encyclopedia
Random House Encyclopedia
Random House Encyclopedia Inside
Random House Encyclopedia Inside. They had great illustrations, it’s no wonder I enjoyed it.
Skin Color
This is a lesson in melanin and “caucasoid, mongoloid, negroid,” and….I forget the 4th….”trapezoid?”
Scarification and finger nail diseases?
Small Pox
My first understanding of small pox.
Scars and Tattoos
Body Modification
Neck Rings
Where I first learned about the Karen.
Where I learned about common phobias and possibly where I got my fear of spiders…either that or peeling heads.
Foot Disease
My understanding of what happens when you didn’t wash your feet (as a kid).
Tall Man
I wanted to be this tall.
Blood letting
Asian blood letting. But I never understood the milk that was coming out of his leg. Actually, I still don’t.
Food poisoning
Guy throwing up from food poisoning.
Fat personality
This is my favorite. This one told me that depending on my body shape, it would determine my personality.

How can anyone NOT want to go into the social sciences after seeing stuff like that?


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