Types of Regions: The Functional Type (2)

About this Page:

This one was a Duzy! How are you supposed to spell “Doosy”? Doosie? That still does not look right. Anyway, this page took me a bit of time. Dan Harris whipped me up a Sydney surfer girl and I managed somehow to do the rest. The style of the Human Imprint is still evolving though I feel it still is mish-mashed, it is MY mish-mash (and that may-be my style). I flirted with images on this page. This is, after all, a geography book. I find it difficult to talk bout places in the world without pictures. These are all royalty free images from Free-Pik, though I would like to increasingly use my pictures from my many traveling adventures. Apparently I didn’t snap enough pictures of port cities while away. The images I used are run through a filter to match the illustrated style as best I could without losing too much image quality. I also want to limit the amount of colors outside of the blues I use-so keeping the colors was a test and the jury is still out whether I like it. Don’t worry about copyright on the rabbit-duck illustration, it is unattributed from a German magazine circa 1892. Images tend to hit public domain when the creator dies + 70 years time, or 70+ years from the creation of anonymous works.  Wikipedia is actually very helpful with all that. Here is what I read:


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